Exec Board

General Manager– gm@avwproductions.com

Trista Thurston

Junior- Journalism

“The General Manager shall supervise the overall operation of AVW.  The General Manager is the liaison between AVW and the Office of Student Activities, the School of Media Arts and Studies, Ohio University, WOUB, and any other public or private organization with which AVW interacts. The General Manager is responsible for ensuring the Executive Board is fulfilling their responsibilities.”

Production Manager– production@avwproductions.com

Ryan McGee

Junior- Audio Production

“The Production Manager shall supervise and coordinate all productions.  He or she will coordinate the activities of all producers and their crews while ensuring that all production requirements are met.  The Production Manager shall oversee any purchasing of equipment and production materials in conjunction with the Business and General Manager.”

Personnel Manager– personnel@avwproductions.com

Emma Wahl

Junior-Screenwriting and Production & Communications

“The Personnel Manager shall be responsible for coordinating recruiting, alumni relations, internal communication, and the upkeep of membership records.”

Business Manager– business@avwproductions.com

Ian Henkel

Senior- Accounting and Finance

“The Business Manager shall be responsible for the financial aspects of AVW.  He or she will collect funding proposals from all of the producers. The Business Manager will then be responsible for getting receipts from the producers and getting disbursements from AVW’s Ohio University account. He or she will keep accurate records of all revenues and expenditures of AVW. “

Marketing Manager– marketing@avwproductions.com

Krista Frost

Junior- Broadcast Journalism

“The Marketing Manager shall be responsible for contacting additional markets for the purpose of airing AVW programming. In cooperation with the Executive Board, he or she shall be primarily responsible for expanding the audience of AVW programming. He or she shall also be responsible for organizing fundraisers for the organization.”

IT Manager– it@avwproductions.com

Joe Pech

Junior- Animation and Video Games

“The IT Manager shall oversee all Internet Communication within the organization. He or She is in charge of uploading all content  for the organization. The IT Manager is responsible for ensuring that all members of the executive board and general board are receiving emails sent to their position’s or show’s email.”

 Operations Manager– operations@avwproductions.com

Dani Shangold

Sophomore- Integrated Media

“The Operations Manager shall oversee all of the day-to-day operations of AVW. The Operations Manager is in charge of maintaining the AVW Executive offices. This includes decoration and basic organization, but the entire Executive Board shall contribute to the maintenance and cleanliness of the office. He or She will be in charge of maintaining the prop cage; this includes, but is not limited to, prop Inventory, organization, broken props, and holding classes and shows accountable for the prop cage.”


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