Fridays Live
Producer- Jessica Deluca
A live-to-tape sketch comedy show filmed every week in front of a live studio audience. 
Think “Saturday Night Live” in Athens!
AVW Presents Hockey
Producer- Taylor Griek
Cover the Bobcats live on ice every home game with a pre- & post-game show.
Think “Stanley Cup” on TV!

Producer- Amanda Roberts
AVW’s very own children’s show is here to answer your questions and make your brain grow!
Think “Zoom” at OU

Straight Up 
Producer- Katie Derr
All the gossip, entertainment news and local happenings is here!
Think “E-News” but local! 

Producer- Evan Swingle
This weekly show provides a comedic view for your top stories.
Think “The Daily Show” but made for the student 

Tech Heads 
Producer- Trista Thurston
Video game reviews to updates on the newest gadgets, Tech Heads covers all your tech needs.
Think “IGN” with a different take 

Ohio Sports Zone
Producer- Jesse Bethea
Watch this weeks news in Bobcat sports through this live-to-tape show
Think “ESPN Coverage”-only Bobcats! 

AVW Briefcase 
Producer- Dakota Gerard
From comedy to drama, your vision for a short can be created
Think short film sandbox!

Pranking Ohio
Producer- Alex Conrath
A show where friends prank each other and film their reactions!
Think “College Humor”!

Producer- Chris Denzel
Teams race through different competitions in order to win and compete for the ultimate prize
Think “The Amazing Race”

Life in Adams
Producer- Jenna Weingold
A “mockumentary” style show about life in the residential hall
Think “Parks and Rec” in your dorm!


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